Ethos 8400 Multifunction Tester Designed With Contractors In Mind

Ethos explains how its new multifunction tester has been designed to save contractors time and money on-site.

Designed by a leading UK team with over 30 years of experience of working with the world’s largest instrument manufacturers, the new Ethos 8400 multifunction tester has been built with the contractor in mind.

Using the designers’ shared technology, the Ethos 8400 offers a full low-energy screen colour display with precise, easy-to-read values, a large rotary selector with colour coordinated options, prominent push buttons and a fast restart option to wake the device from its battery saving sleep mode.

Multifunction testers that are both fast and straightforward to use are universally popular with electrical contractors as they can help reduce costs and relieve time constraints. Contractors who have used the new tester have found that the ’select and test’ nature of the Ethos 8400 saves them time on the job without compromising accuracy and safety. Having all of the results on screen further improves efficiency.

The full colour, low-energy screen enables the Ethos 8400 to offer some unique functions. For example, the socket/polarity function will clearly display correct wiring in colour, but will also show clearly when an installation has incorrect connections via clear visual indication and audible warning.

The earth loop impedance testing whether ‘no trip or high current’ is very quick and importantly very accurate, with the PFC value at the simple press of the colour coordinated button below the LCD.

RCD test function indicates PASS in green and FAIL in red, ensuring the user can see clearly the result. The full colour low-energy screen is a big help in giving clear, precise results to help the user test an installation efficiently and not worry about batteries draining. The Ethos 8400 is powered by 6 x AA batteries and is specified to perform in excess of 1,000 x 500V insulation tests per set of batteries.

As well as a comprehensive three year warranty and 12 month calibration certificate, the Ethos 8400 comes supplied with three wire split lead assembly, a 13 amp mains lead, a remote switch probe and a heavy duty carry case designed to protect the equipment and offer easy transportation.

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