New Miniature Connector Range From WAGO

Two smaller variants from WAGO introduce applications such as PCBs to the benefits of pluggable connection.

The 890 and 891 Series WINSTA pluggable connectors offer fast installation for conductors from 0.25-1.5 mm2. This makes the new variants ideal for devices such as LED lighting modules, which due to technological advances are becoming increasingly smaller, says WAGO. According to the company, pluggable connection offers distinct advantages over traditional screw connectors, including lower installation time, reduced risk of wiring errors, improved reliability and lower costs.

With the introduction of WINSTA MINI, the WINSTA family has now been extended to allow smaller devices such as sensors, actuators, lights and bus cables to be quickly and easily integrated into the WINSTA pluggable connection system. This helps to address the growing demand for cabling systems that are flexible, reliable and expandable to meet the needs of increasingly complex building and lighting systems.

Whilst it was previously possible to retrofit devices for pluggable connection by refitting with a different housing, and making the electrical connection between the connector and the PCB terminals manually, this could be a complex and time-consuming process. With WINSTA MINI, the connectors can be soldered directly onto the PCB, potentially saving installers a huge amount of time.

WAGO’s WINSTA pluggable connection system uses push in cage clamp technology with an aim to reduce installation time compared to traditional screw terminals, and includes a wide range of products such as plugs, sockets, distribution boxes, pre-formed cable assemblies and accessories.

Offering a compact size with a pole pitch of 4.4 mm, the WINSTA MINI is designed for tight spaces, while straight and angled sockets and plugs make it easier to work around other wiring. Connectors are colour-coded for easy identification, and are protected against mis-mating per IEC 61535, aimed at substantially reducing the likelihood of installation errors.

A wide range of designs and pole configurations means that the connectors can accommodate control and bus signals, system voltage and three-phase current, switched circuits, and combinations of bus applications and power supplies. The WINSTA system also supports KNX, DALI and SMI protocols, allowing it to be easily integrated into all commonly used building and lighting automation systems.

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