Safety First: Are You Security Savvy?


Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director at, discusses technological advancements in security systems and how electrical contractors can make the most of the increasing need for customers to keep their homes and properties safe and secure.

According to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, 551,000 people had their homes burgled in the year ending June 2016, highlighting just how many people are affected by this type of crime which can have traumatic as well as financial consequences.

A recent report from Research and Markets highlights that the global home security system market is expected to grow at a rate of 27.12% during the period 2017-2021 as businesses and homeowners start to see the value of investing in security to protect their premises and properties.

The rise in popularity of smart homes will encourage consumers to invest in quality interactive security systems that offer enhanced features such as remote locking and App based monitoring. There is a host of new and existing technology that can keep homes and property safe and secure, meaning the market and growth opportunities are there for electrical contractors to make the most of as long as they are security savvy.


According to SafeWise, it takes less than 10 minutes for burglars to ransack a property. Therefore, it is important that systems are easy to operate to ensure that the premises or homeowner can quickly set their alarm, even if they’re only heading out for a short period. New wireless alarm systems come pre-linked for easy programming and some have remote keypads that can be used as an additional unit to arm or disarm the system. Remote keypads can also be used to secure separate doors, including back doors and upstairs so that the entire home is monitored and secure.

Other new alarm features include accessories such as smoke detectors, panic buttons and even a pet friendly PIR motion detector so that users can confidently leave their pets at home during the day and not worry about them setting off the alarm.

Locks and timers

Window locks, indoor lights on a timer, double door locks and external motion sensor lights – if all used together – could mean a property is almost 50 times more protected than a home without any proper security in place, according to a 2015 study published by the Royal Statistical Society.

New keyless smart locks replace traditional key locks for doors and remove the need for keys that can be easily copied or door locks that can be ‘bumped’. The locks are operated by keypad, keytag or keycard or via an App. They can also be connected to an existing smart home alarm, CCTV system or Smart Living Hub and have a tamper alarm fitted if the wrong code is entered incorrectly over three times.

Homeowners can give visitors a 24-hour PIN to allow people access to a property when they are away – ideal for people who go on multiple trips to make it seem like someone is home.

Those looking for a simpler way to give the appearance of presence in a property can use timers. New digital versions offer easy to set programme periods per day and per week on simple to view screens and are compatible with new LED lighting.


Despite the abundance of surveillance cameras in the UK, it’s estimated that 50% of equipment in privately owned CCTV systems generate poor images. This is usually because they are old and have not been updated in years. For the police, old cameras and bad footage present a huge problem as they can’t use the images for evidence to help make convictions.


Some home and property owners may also own CCTV that they never check, either because it is a hassle to download the files or they only have the cameras as a deterrent and so have never set them up to record.

New, premium CCTV systems offer users the opportunity to view and record simultaneously, with real time, widescreen HD video recording and playback. Owners can view footage live or playback on an HDTV, LCD, LED or plasma TV, via an HDMI port, through their PC or even via a smartphone using a specialist App, making monitoring and sharing footage simple.

For electrical contractors, smart home technology will be a large source of income for the foreseeable future and smart security should be the first port of call for all sensible home and property owners. offers a range of security options from alarms to locks and timers, all available online, seven days a week with next day delivery.

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