Wago 221: Compact splicing connectors for all wire types

Wago 221 splicing connectors, suitable for all wire types, allow for quick and easy connection of different types of wire, whilst enabling the bridging of wires with greatly differing cross sections. The connectors are now 40 per cent smaller, taking up considerably less space in the junction box.

With the new 221 series, testing can be performed from two different sides, even when it is installed. Two test slots ensure convenient testing, even when the connectors are installed and in varying installation environments.

The operating levers of the 221 Series also require less force to be opened, enabling fast connection of wires without the use of any tools. The recessed grips on the side also prevent slipping and make it easier to hold the connector while inserting the wire, placing focus on easy and convenient handling.

Thanks to its wide range of approvals, the 221 series can be used anywhere in the world.

For further information visit: www.wago.com

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