New WAGO Lever Connectors, Up To 6mm2

WAGO explains how, with its new model, it's expanding the applications of its compact lever connectors.

The WAGO 221 Series lever connector range was previously limited to conductor cross-sections of up to 4mm2. The new version, rated at 450V and 41A, is suitable for three-phase installations or high-power lighting, signal and HVAC systems in commercial buildings. It is also used for wiring high-powered appliances in residential properties, such as cookers and showers.

For applications like outdoor lighting, it permits longer cable runs with less voltage drop compared to smaller connectors. The 6mm² version now accommodates solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 0.5mm2 up to 6mm2.

The 6mm2 version utilises the same CAGE CLAMP spring pressure technology found in all WAGO lever connectors, and is available in two-, three- and five-conductor variants. To connect, simply open the lever, insert a stripped conductor into the conductor entry, and then lower the lever to close the clamp, which applies the optimum pressure to keep conductors secure without damaging them. Wires can be removed by reopening the lever.

The transparent housing for visual inspection shows that the wire is inserted properly and stripped to the correct length. Two test slots allow connections to be tested from different directions, making the connector suitable for use in compact enclosures and other tight spaces.

The 221 range provides a quick, safe alternative to screw terminals. No screwdriver is required, allowing wiring to be installed up to 50% faster, with much less physical effort compared to screws. Installers can save time on wiring, freeing up labour to concentrate on other tasks. Unlike screws, CAGE CLAMP connections will not loosen or fail over time due to vibration or temperature cycling.

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