Prolectric introduces the ProPower power system

Prolectric has responded to market demand with the introduction of the ProPower three-phase solar hybrid power unit, a system that brings 60kw of hybrid (pass-through) power output to worksites, helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce diesel use.

Providing a comprehensive range of sustainable solar lighting and hybrid power solutions to the construction, national housebuilding, infrastructure and rail industries, Prolectric’s solar technology provides a practical way for businesses to achieve their carbon reduction commitments – by enabling them to move away from fossil-fuelled or mains powered systems.

With double the inverter output (30kVA), and 105kWh of battery storage, three times that of the single-phase ProPower, the new ProPower three-phase brings solar hybrid power to sites with much higher power generation needs. It provides greater flexibility to scale sustainable power to suit individual site conditions. The three-phase ProPower can also be connected up with existing diesel generators up to 100kVA to further expand on-site power capacity.

The ProPower, available in both single-phase and three-phase, is housed in a compact trailer and is loaded with the latest integrated solar systems and battery technology. The ProPower runs in silent mode when battery-operated, making it ideal for urban and residential areas. By minimising generator run-time the ProPower saves on fuel costs, reduces maintenance, and cuts CO2 emissions by an average of 70%.

The ProPower also comes with remote real-time monitoring and management via an online power portal. The portal gives complete visibility of the units performance with diagnostics and alarms, and the ability to remotely adjust the unit to optimise its operation. The power portal also provides reports for measuring carbon, diesel, and quiet running hours, all in one place, across an entire fleet.

The ProPower is fitted with hydraulic operating solar panels and fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, to provide highly accurate state of charge information, which can be finely optimised when the ProPower switches over to the generator. This means lower emissions and less maintenance in combination with remote administration via the portal.

The ProPower is part of Prolectric’s range of environmentally friendly performance products, which have been designed as direct like-for-like replacements for diesel systems, making them a simple switch for companies looking to lower the carbon footprint of their worksites.

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