Prolectric unveils savings calculator to switch from diesel to solar

Prolectric unveils savings calculator to switch from diesel to solar

Prolectric has unveiled an innovative new savings calculator to help companies fast-track and achieve their environmental and sustainability objectives by making the switch from diesel to solar.

Serving a wide range of industries from construction, housebuilding, and rail to major infrastructure, its new savings calculator has been specifically designed to calculate the potential carbon, diesel and cost savings, that could be realised when switching from diesel powered systems to Prolectric’s solar and hybrid power solutions.

Rachel Preen, Managing Director, Prolectric, comments, “Our range of environmentally friendly, advanced performance products have been designed as direct like-for-like diesel replacements, making them a simple switch. The environmental case is clear, but our new savings calculator provides a simple yet highly effective tool to support businesses to see the full benefits and build a commercial case to switch to solar. Since launching our first solar lighting tower in 2017, we estimate to have saved our clients 26 million kg of CO2 and reduced diesel usage by more than 10 million litres – that’s probably saved our customers more than £9 million.”

“We are committed to providing practical and commercially viable ways for businesses to stop using polluting fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions. Our new tool offers another level of granularity for customers during the critical specification and procurement stages, with quick access to understandable data, so they can make informed decisions which in turn will help them achieve their net zero goals and save money.”

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