Prysmian launches Flexibox range of innovative enclosures

Prysmian Group has launched the innovative Flexibox range of compact and flexible enclosures for internal and external Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fibre-to-the-Antenna (FTTA) applications.

For FTTH applications, Flexibox is available for the termination of fibre in various combinations including: splice only, pre-terminated fibre, and splice and patch versions. Each configuration is designed to enable the unit’s fast deployment through easy customer installation and connection.

In the case of a multiple dwelling unit, Flexibox is suitable for use as a basement box. It can accept an external cable for splicing to the individual drop cables, which can be done as a point-to-point solution or through the use of splitters.

For FTTA applications, Flexibox is available in a variety of configurations including fibre only, power, and hybrid fibre/power to enable the termination of hybrid cables faster and more cost effectively.

The fibre/power hybrid box has been designed to enable the termination of Prysmian’s FTTA hybrid fibre and 48V DC power cables to ensure the efficient delivery of power and fibre to remote radio heads. The single termination process reduces installation time and cost, making it ideal for the deployment and densification of antennas needed for 5th Generation mobile network.

In addition, the Flexibox can be used as a power or fibre primary distribution point to enable up to 10 drops to antennas for connection with fibre and power utilising off-the-shelf DIN rail-mounted products.

Depending on application, Flexibox is available with external IP ratings for ex-ternal wall/pole-mounting.

Nathan Paddick, Prysmian Group UK Telecom Connectivity Design Manager, explains the versatility of the new enclosure. He says: “Flexibox has been designed with multiple network architectures and practices in mind to offer off-the-shelf customisation and flexibility with a standardised installation practise, all from the same product”.

Flexibox is available directly from Prysmian or through distributors in the UK.

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