PULS launches PISA-M electronic circuit breakers

PULS launches PISA-M electronic circuit breakers

PULS, a provider of DIN-Rail power supplies, has announced the launch of its new series of PISA-M 4-channel electronic circuit breakers (ECBs).

These devices are the perfect safety and power distribution tool for applications with power requirements ranging from 90W to 480W.

The new PULS electronic circuit breakers manage the current distribution on the secondary (load) side of a control system, separating it into smaller ‘power islands’ which are easier to maintain and reduce the risk of costly total power outages.

PULS PISA-M ECBs are designed to provide comprehensive safety solutions for power systems. They protect system components from over-current and short-circuits, as well as wiring from overheating. In addition, PISA-M also protects the system power supply from overload. The on-board protection features combine to ensure a high system robustness and reliability. This benefits users with less time spent on maintenance, lower replacement costs and more focus on operations.

The PISA-M features a digital coded interface, providing an easy way for maintenance staff to remotely control the devices and to monitor the operational system status. This means power distribution can be managed easily via a PLC and a central user interface.

With a width of only 22.5mm, PULS says that PISA-M is the smallest four-channel electronic circuit breaker in the market. This compact design means it can fit into any system, freeing up valuable space in control cabinets.

Push-in connectors on the front of the PISA-M allow for a quick and tool-less installation, saving time and effort. In addition, two-colour LEDs that show the status of each output channel in real-time, and a button is provided on each channel for easy on/off switching and resetting.

PULS provides a number of versions of PISA-M ECB. The 4ADJ modules are adjustable, allowing each output channel to be set to the required current value from 1 to 8A. If a plug-and-play device with fixed currents is needed, PULS offers PISA-M versions with fixed output current settings (e.g. 2A, 4A, 6A, 8A). This flexibility allows customers to choose the version that best fits their specific needs, making the installation process even faster, easier, and more secure.

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