Quotezone issues social media warning to tradespeople

Quotezone issues social media warning to tradespeople 

Motoring insurance experts from Quotezone are urging tradespeople to avoid posting pictures of work vans and equipment online due to the fact that thieves are using social media to target them for their valuable tools and equipment.

Four in five burglars use social media to find and select potential victims, making those posting online easy targets. Tradespeople are particularly vulnerable to thieves, and tools are often the target of criminal activity, a crime which is on the rise.

Over 80% of UK builders have been victims of tool theft, with the average claim costing over £5,000. It is estimated that over a 40-year working life, a builder will lose an eye-watering £10,000 worth of tools.

Advertising or posting business photos and information to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could entice criminals, Quotezone believes. Thieves can use any information posted on social media or online to find out locations, possessions and the levels of security around your valuables. They can also monitor posts for geo-tagging and holiday photos to pounce when tradespeople are away from their vans and equipment for an easy target.

Tradespeople should use social media wisely and be mindful of the information they share, update privacy settings and secure accounts with two-factor authentication. Failing to do so could leave tradespeople in major financial trouble and unable to work until costly tools are replaced – and worse, it could even invalidate their insurance.

CEO and motoring insurance expert at Quotezone.co.uk, Greg Wilson, explains, “Social media is a common tactic for burglars to find potential victims, and hardworking tradespeople are often targeted for their equipment. This means they must be extremely cautious of what they post online because opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets.

“It’s normally a requirement of your insurance that you take good care of your vehicle or the insured items in question. Some insurers may feel that displaying items on social media is irresponsible and shows a lack of care, which could render the insurance void.

“Tradespeople sharing pictures and personal information must ensure they only have trusted family and friends on their profiles and that their privacy settings are up to date. Ensure location settings are turned off before posting anything to social networks and never post to social media that you are away on holiday. Simple things like marking or branding your tools can make it harder for thieves to sell on and therefore act as a deterrent.

“It’s also important to ensure you’re protected with accurate insurance for your particular business, so if something goes wrong you have the help and funds to continue working. Tool insurance is a type of policy that reimburses owners for the cost of tools if they get stolen, and could be a lifeline for those unable to afford to replace expensive equipment.”

Quotezone helps around three million users every year find savings on household bills and essentials, plus niche products such as van tool, commercial van and young driver van insurance.

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