Rako dances to its own tune

Rako has refreshed its app to now allow quick and easy control of colour temperature and light intensity with a touch slider. It means clients can adjust the lighting to suit their needs for a particular task, or set scenes to link the lighting with their individual circadian rhythms.

As well as colour temperature, the app can control both wired and wireless Rako systems, allowing easy hand-held control of lighting, curtains and blinds. Connecting via a Rako Hub, the app allows programming and storing of new scene levels, offers colour wheel control for RGB and RGBW fittings, and ‘holiday mode’ enables users to record and replay their lighting, simulating an occupied property.

“Lighting that adapts to the needs of the occupants is becoming more and more important,” comments Paul Wafer, Director at Rako. “For obvious reasons, customers are interested in the wellbeing advantages of circadian rhythm lighting, and integrators can support this demand with a Rako system. This time of year, lighting is extremely important to keep people’s energy up and it’s our job to make the technical side easier for the end user. Control systems and our new refreshed app have a key part to play in that.”

The Rako app can be downloaded from the App Store and on Google Play. Connected via Rako Hub, which acts as a central point for a Rako installation, the app provides the ultimate in flexible control of the Rako lighting system from local area network or anywhere in the world via the internet.

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