Recolight works with West Midland Police to cut costs

Recolight works with West Midland Police to cut costs

As the police in the west midlands crack down on drug crime, Recolight is pleased to be able to support this drive by providing free of charge lamp recycling.

With drug dealing and dependency increasingly prominent issues, West Midlands Police has found an innovative and cost effective way to dismantle cannabis farms. By establishing a team dedicated to dismantling farms discovered by the force, west midlands police has managed to cut costs dramatically. However, the team are often left with a significant number of lamps to dispose of once the dismantling is finished. Recolight is supporting the force by recycling the lighting materials free of charge, helping the dismantling unit to drive down the cost of tackling cannabis farms.

‘Free of charge recycling from Recolight helps us to reduce our costs, and the savings we make are passed on to the public. Their support makes our efforts to dismantle cannabis farms more affordable and viable in the long term,’ said Mike Hall, manager at West Midlands Police.

Nigel Harvey, Recolight chief executive, said, ‘Recolight is committed to making sure that waste lamps are kept out of landfill. West Midlands Police are playing a vital role in drug enforcement. They frequently find specialist professional lamps in use during their investigations. That is where Recolight comes in, as we take the lamps away to be recycled at authorised facilities.’

The success of the new team and cost cutting measures has led to plans to expand the unit, and it is hoped that other forces will also take up Recolight’s offer to recycle the waste lamps that are discovered.


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