Red Arrow Lights Up The Retail Industry

When Red Arrow was tasked with creating a comfortable shopping experience for both Trespass and The Company Group, lighting designer Paul Yarnell and the team worked tirelessly to deliver effective and energy efficient commercial installations.

The project brief was to design and supply Canterbury and Chesterfield Trespass stores with commercial lighting. With 200 branches across the UK, Trespass has been in business for over 70 years, and Red Arrow has worked by their side with several new shop openings. Their most challenging installations include their Chesterfield and Canterbury branches, both requesting different designs and products.

Red Arrow was required to create an on-brand look that was comfortable for consumers, while also providing accent lighting designed to highlight the merchandise. But when presented with different building structures and designs, the team had to work with various luminaires to suit the separate requirements for each branch.

At Chesterfield, the brief was to provide an energy-saving fitting that was both high performance with a high lumen output, while also remaining aesthetically pleasing for a commercial setting. This was achieved with Red Arrow’s LED Linear Hi-Lo Bays, which offer a daylight and motion sensor accessory that adapts to the changing available ambient light – ideal for retail stores open from morning until night. Equipped with an opaque diffuser to reduce glare, these luminaires were perfect for this project.

The Canterbury branch’s brief, on the other hand, was slightly different. “The team at Canterbury wanted to update their lighting design and create a high light output with minimal glare for their shoppers. But the structure of the ceiling caused limitations on where we were able to recess the fittings,” says Paul.

“Working with Commercial Lighting Systems, we supplied surface-mounted Bastion 600 x 600 panels, which produced a good level of uniformity. And the circular wall washer shop lights  could be aimed to create feature lighting on each side of the store. Collectively, these products achieved approximately 600-700 lux.”

With a surface mount conversion kit, Red Arrow’s Bastion LED panels can be easily used as either fully recessed ceiling fittings, or as surface mounting lights. By using the same fitting for each use, the resultant light appearance remains the same, making them ideal for multi-purpose applications. Both branches were pleased with Red Arrow’s design and installation, creating a shopping experience that is both comfortable, but also fit for purpose.

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