Red Arrow preparing for a more energy efficient future

The increasing consumer awareness of energy efficiency, lower carbon footprints and reduced energy bills is driving demand for better products and further innovation. And while some consumers and businesses may feel they are being forced to buy energy-saving products – either through legislation or increasing energy tariffs – early adopters will reap the financial savings in the long-term.

Here, Red Arrow explores how it is leading the way and preparing for a more energy efficient future…

Legislations and requirements

Changes in legislation continues to focus on energy efficiency and carbon emissions, with the 18th Edition ushering in a greener era. And as the first set of wiring regulations to focus on energy efficiency, appendix 17 offers expert guidance on the lessening environmental impact of electrical installations. This is through measures such as replacing traditional standard filament, halogen and fluorescent lights with super-efficient LEDS. The UK Government is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100% below 1990 levels before 2050.

And, on top of this, Part L of the Building Regulations for Domestic Dwellings plans to increase the energy efficiency requirements for new homes in 2020. With lighting playing a key part, this regulation sets the standard for the energy performance and carbon emissions of new and existing buildings.

But what does this mean for contractors, and how can the electrical industry play a fundamental part in reducing energy consumption?

Red Arrow’s future

With the amount of options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start for your next lighting project. However, through its New Product Development process, Red Arrow is working to release new products that are, on average, 20% more efficient than their predecessors. Plus, many of their products already have efficacies of 120-130lm/W, which Red Arrow are setting as the general benchmark.

Also, the team can integrally or externally fit energy-saving innovations, such as Microwave Sensors, PIR Sensors, Dimming Options and Wattage Selection into all new items. And with lighting accounting for 15% of electricity bills in the UK, there’s never been a better time to introduce your customers to these energy savers:

Rhombus Pro
This high efficiency, back lit recessed lay-in modular luminaire is designed to fit into exposed T-grid ceilings:

  • 25,000 hrs lifetime
  • 125lm/W
  • Flicker-free driver
  • Dimmable driver available

Commando high-bays
The improved, high performance LED dimmable high-bay range is suitable for factory and warehouse lighting:

  • 130lm/W
  • 50,000 hrs lifetime
  • 1-10V dimmable driver included

Ideal for warehouses, garages, school halls, gardens and playgrounds, Red Arrow’s floodlights are typically >100lm/W. But new introductions will increase this to 130lm/W:

  • 30,000 hrs lifetime
  • Driverless technology
  • Available in 10-300W

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