Redring strengthens product offering with new hand dryers range

The new Autodry Rapid range features a ‘Hands-In’ model and a ‘Hands-Under’ model, both of which boast the ability to cut drying time and reduce running costs, something that will undoubtedly be welcome in any commercial application where frequent hand washing and therefore drying takes place. The efficiency levels of both models are superb, with the Hands-In variant using only 700W of electricity and the Hands-Under just 640W of electricity. These will both dry hands in a speedy 10 seconds, which helps to reduce queues in washrooms and the time spent waiting for the dryer to become free.

Cost wise, this equates to an annual running cost of £12.78 and £11.68 respectively. Compared to a conventional hand dryer, which takes around 25 seconds to dry hands and uses 1800W of electricity, this would cost £82.13 per annum to run – which clearly shows the benefits of the new Redring Autodry Rapid models. The cost savings are not only evident when compared to standard hand dryers; there is also a reduction in overheads when compared to paper towels. Using an average of two towels per dry, and 150 users per day, this equates to an overwhelming annual cost of £1,095.

These efficiency levels and subsequent cost savings are achieved when the dryers are set to the heat off mode. When installed inside a permanent building, where the ambient temperature is of suitable levels, the heat off setting provides a pleasant level of heat and does not compromise on drying power.

As well as reducing expenditure and energy usage, the Autodry Rapid models are packed with useful features.

The Hands-In model offers a hygienic solution thanks to the integral antibacterial filter that prevents airbourne germs from being sucked in to the unit and subsequently being blown onto clean hands. The use of infrared to detect the presence of hands and automatically activate the unit further increases the hygiene levels. This removes the need to press a start button with wet hands, which in turn reduces the chance of bacteria spreading. In addition, the dryer has the option to add gel blocks to moisturise and sanitise hands, with the extra benefit of adding fragrance to the washroom. Water dripping from users’ hands is channeled into the dryer’s removable or plumbed in water tray, unlike the market leading hands-in dryer where water overspills onto the floor which causes stains and a slipping hazard.The lifespan and reliability of the Autodry Hands-In model is greatly improved thanks to the brushless motor, which is highly efficient and has a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear.

The Autodry Rapid Hands-Under model has an equally impressive range of features. With a unique bright blue LED light to mark the location of the hands, hands are kept in the optimum position to ensure drying time is kept to a minimum. The Hands-Under model is operated by infrared motion detection which is a hygienic solution, while the automatic switch off when hands are removed ensures no energy is wasted.

Both models offer two heat settings and are available in a white finish. The Autodry Rapid Hands-Under model is also available in stylish chrome, with its die cast aluminium cover being ideal for heavy duty use.

Completing the range is the new Autodry Slimline Hand Dryer. This ultra-slim high performance hand dryer is ideal for smaller areas. With a projection of only 100mm (4”) from the wall, and a reduced noise level of only 71dBA, the dryer is perfect for confined spaces.

Sleek and stylish and available in a choice of stainless steel or white, the dryer does not compromise on features, making use of the infrared, no-touch control with a sensor range of 100mm vertically under the outlet. With an air velocity of 30.5m/s, hands will be dried in just 15 seconds.

All Autodry hand dryers are sold with a two year guarantee.

For more information on the Redring Autodry Hand Dryers range, visit

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