Redrow adds finishing touch to homes with Schneider Electric’s Ultimate range

Redrow adds finishing touch to homes with Schneider Electric’s Ultimate range

Now into its fourth year, Schneider Electric’s contract with Redrow homes continues to expand across the UK with products continually being specified into new developments including sites in London and the north west.

Having been specified nationally across all developments, Schneider Electric’s Ultimate range of wiring accessories, including white moulded, low profile and screwless flat plate, were chosen for their quality and the high level of service provided by the company. Redrow customers have the option to choose the range of wiring accessories to suit their own taste.

Clive Parry, commercial director of Redrow commented, ‘We pride ourselves on gaining and maintaining a customer’s confidence, which can be affected at any stage in the process – from the sales experience right through to actually living in the home. So, even the choice of wiring accessories can play a part in the customer’s perception of our business and the experience they have living in one of our homes.

‘We chose Schneider Electric’s Ultimate range for its quality finish but perhaps most importantly it was about working with a reputable company. We had some positive industry recommendations and the company’s reputation gave us peace of mind that they would meet our requirements.’

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