Rexel UK says ESOS should be viewed as more than red tape but the prompt to a green future

Steve Everard, head of Rexel Energy Solutions comments: ‘There is no question that schemes such as ESOS are crucial to the UK achieving the Government’s ambitious carbon reduction targets. However, it should be viewed as more than just another piece of red tape to adhere: but rather a stepping stone to a much greener, more efficient future.

‘In fact, a recent white paper produced by asset – based financial solutions provider, DLL indicates that even by installing basic energy efficiency measures, the average SME could achieve a payback in just one and a half years, and savings on its energy bills of up to 25 per cent.’ 

The same industry insight report produced by DLL highlights the importance of making the investment into energy efficient building solutions now, and getting ahead of the game. Especially with UK Government forecasts predicting a rise in fuel prices between now and 2020.

To offer additional support to commercial customers, Rexel UK has partnered with DLL to provide customers with a viable commercial finance solution when looking to invest in energy efficiency updates, such as LED lighting, building energy management systems, solar PV and electric vehicle charging.


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