Rugged, high-accuracy laser levels from Fluke

Fluke has introduced a new series of point, line, and rotary laser levels with improved durability, accuracy, and performance.

These new professional-grade tools have been engineered by Pacific Laser Systems (PLS), a Fluke company, to meet Fluke’s high standards for accuracy, ruggedness, and dependability to ensure the lasers will maintain their precision for years to come. They are designed to meet the demands of harsh construction environments, while easing interior and exterior layout work. The 11 new lasers provide bright, crisp reference points and lines for quick and accurate indoor and outdoor layout, helping to complete projects on time.

Studies have shown that green appears up to four times brighter than red to the human eye, which makes the green lasers more visible on the jobsite, so most models are available as red (R) and green (G) variants. The new PLS 3R and 3G, PLS 5R and 5G, PLS 6R and 6G, PLS 180R and 180G laser levels are accurate to ≤3mm at 10m and are built to provide IP54 dust and water resistance and to withstand a one metre drop. Each model features a fast settling, self-levelling pendulum to give accurate point and reference lines almost instantly. All are equipped with a pendulum lock, ensuring safe transport and helping to avoid potential wear.

The PLS 3R & 3G point lasers offer three point directions; the 5R & 5G point lasers offer five point directions; the 6R & 6G line and point lasers offer four point directions, plus a 180° horizontal and vertical line; and the 180R & 180G line lasers offer a horizontal and vertical line. Fluke has also introduced three PLS rotary laser levels – the HV2R and HV2G, which emit a laser line in the horizontal or vertical plane; and the H2, a horizontal-only, red laser level.

Optional accessories include laser detectors and reflective targets, a floor stand, a wall mount and a UB9 universal ceiling / wall bracket. All PLS laser levels are backed by a three-year, best-in-class warranty.

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