Scheme enables workplaces to climb the safety ladder

Slingsby’s Group sales and marketing director, Lee Wright, explains: ‘We’ve been involved with The Ladder Exchange Scheme for several years and it continually proves popular with all types of businesses and organisations.

‘It’s estimated that there are around two million ladders in use every day in the UK and falls from height remain a major cause of workplace accidents and fatalities. These accidents can affect all types of workers, from those who spend all day working at height through to someone who might just occasionally change a light bulb. There’s no excuse for using a damaged or unsafe ladder and this scheme makes a huge difference in ridding workplaces of them by offering discounts on new ladders when they are exchanged for old and defective ones.’

This year’s Ladder Exchange Scheme will again features ‘Idiots on Ladders’ which is The Ladder Association’s hugely popular competition that invites people to submit pictures shaming people who use ladders recklessly or dangerously. 

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