Schneider Electric enables 86% carbon footprint reduction on railways

Schneider electric

Schneider Electric has announced that they are working with Network Rail to install cost-effective and environmentally friendly intelligent signalling equipment across four locations in Scotland.

The new equipment will enable a more sustainable solution to reducing infrastructure failures and downtime for repairs, which will help lessen disruption for passengers and improve value for money for taxpayers.

“Providing a safe and reliable experience for passengers is our top priority,” says Craig MacKenzie at Network Rail. “These new compact power supply points will ensure our signalling equipment operates more reliably, and more efficiently. The new kit is smaller, lighter and easier to transport and install. It means we have managed to deliver 80% cost savings and stay on track with our climate commitments by reducing our carbon footprint by 86% compared to the larger version.”

Embracing the cutting edge with Compact PSP

Schneider Electric’s Compact PSP solution provides signalling equipment with the secure power required to operate reliably whilst offering the benefits of reduced size, cost and the ability to access the system remotely. Following successful trials in Derbyshire, the solution has now been installed at four locations in Scotland: Pitlochry, Blackford, Mosspark and Insch.

Key features of the Compact PSP include its small size, which gives engineers greater freedom in system architecture by facilitating the use of more cPSPs connected by short feeder runs, making it a more cost-effective solution. The size of the cPSP makes it ideal for placement in track-side areas where space is limited or for islands of signalling assets where a traditional PSP would not be suitable.

The Compact PSP includes an electro-mechanical bypass of the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and internal system monitoring to Network Rail intelligent infrastructure, essential in meeting industry standards. It also includes an Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD), which monitors the insulation resistance of each outgoing feeder cable and notifies RADAR if a measurement falls below permitted limits. The solution is also virtually maintenance-free as its internal monitoring system enables remote status monitoring. This means the software can alert supervisors to detected faults before they develop into potential crises.

As the UK transitions to net-zero by 2050, switching to greener solutions will be critical in meeting the rail industry’s climate goals. The Compact PSP solution can not only provide up to 80% in financial cost savings over its life cycle compared to a traditional PSP, but it can also be delivered at a fraction of the carbon footprint, saving 86%.

Peter Selway, Segment Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric, comments, “Schneider Electric is committed to delivering a reliable and sustainable electrical power supply solution. We understand the importance of a seamless rail service with minimal delays and disruption. The Compact PSP can mitigate signalling power problems whilst providing a greener solution to meet the rail industry’s climate goals.”

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