Schneider Electric Helps Electricians With Innovative Quotation App


Schneider Electric has launched the mySchneider Electrician app for mobile devices. A companion to the mySchneider Electrician portal, the app is designed to save electricians precious time and effort through a suite of tools that make compiling a quote for a customer quick and professional.

In today’s always-on and always-connected world, the mySchneider Electrician app encourages electricians to put aside pen and paper and embrace digital. The maker argues that when managing projects or drawing up quotes for customers, too many electricians still spend hours taking notes and completing paperwork. This work often takes place at home, after a hard day’s work, and steadily eats into electricians’ free time.

Schneider Electric’s new product aims to resolve the problem by taking the quotation and management process ‘online’ through the convenience of a smartphone or other mobile device. Instead of burning the candle at both ends, electricians can manage and draft quotations faster, wherever and whenever they like.

Many Apps exist as catalogues for product information, but the mySchneider Electrician App is the first practical quotation management tool of its kind.

Through its intuitive and straightforward user interface, the App allows electricians to pull together instant quotations as they work from room-to-room with the room creator and product selector tools. The app lets users enter key house details – such as the number of rooms – and assign a selection of Schneider Electric wiring devices and consumer units to each room for costing. An infinite number of quotes can be saved and stored with the push of a button. Quotes can be shared directly with preferred distributors or users can export themselves in order to make quick modifications.

The app’s versatility allows electricians to respond faster to customer requests and more easily show them available product ranges and finishes, as well as initial budget projections. Users can also send stock availability requests direct to distributors.

Beyond quotations, the app also boosts organisation and supports users in managing complicated, multi-layered projects. It allows electricians to easily create, edit and break down their projects into individual items, each one with its own specific rooms and quotations. The app also automatically syncs appointments and agreed project milestones with the user’s smartphone calendar, ensuring they never miss an appointment or important date. It also provides 24/7 access to all Schneider Electric support services, ensuring no time is wasted searching for the right contact.

With these capabilities, users can keep track of the finer details of even the most complex project.

Not only does the app look more professional to a customer than using a notepad, it helps electricians to deliver a better, more seamless service. Most important of all, however, the mySchneider Electrician app helps users to work faster and more efficiently, giving them more time to grow their business and enjoy their downtime.

Jocelyn Mottram, electrician channel programme manager at Schneider Electric comments: “With a range of time-saving and organisational tools, the app is the ideal solution for those in the domestic and light commercial sectors, who spend much of their time installing consumer units and pouring over quotes. Not only does the app help them to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, it also empowers them to take back their free time one quote at a time!”

The mySchneider Electrician app is compatible with most mobile devices and is free to download from the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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