Schneider Electric reopens Telford electrical safety training centre 

Schneider Electric has reopened its dedicated electrical safety training centre in Telford.

Due to the growing complexity of power systems in operation today, electrical outages are a greater risk than ever. If mismanaged or not effectively maintained, they can lead to a loss in revenue, or in a worst-case scenario, serious injury. Therefore, training staff to work safely should be a top priority.

Schneider Electric’s Telford training centre offers a flexible range of practical and theoretical training courses to develop the necessary judgement and skills of delegates. The ultimate aim of which is to create safe workplaces for those in the electrical industry.

Some of the training courses include:

High voltage authorised personThe training will cover safe operating procedures relating to the operation and maintenance of a variety of manufacturers HV equipment

Authorised Person NHS estates in accordance with HTM 0603The training is a UK National Health Service course for the appointment of persons working to the HTM 0603 Electrical Safety Code for Low Voltage/High Voltage systems 

Health, Safety & Environmental AwarenessThe overall aim of the course is to provide delegates with an overview of health, safety and the environment within the working environment 

Substation access: The training aims to enable personnel to enter substations and switch rooms for specific duties and to recognise the dangers associated with high voltage equipment

The centre also offers customised safety training. This provides the option to train your electrical staff using information concerning individual companies Safe System of Work and other factors relating to organisation’s safety practices and procedures.

“Safety must be the priority for every company or institution – nothing is more important than ensuring everyone works in a safe environment. The correct training and qualifications is the first step to developing a safer workplace and industry.” said David Pownall, VP of Services at Schneider Electric. “We’re delighting to see the Telford centre reopening its doors and look forward to welcoming new trainees.”

To find out more or sign up, please follow this link.

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