Scolmore’s IEC Lock turns up the heat

In its latest application, IEC Lock is being used by the manufacturers of an award winning, flameless heating tool which is revolutionising the automotive, marine, aerospace and petrochemical industries.

The new iDuctor is a hand held, professional tool that is used to loosen tight connections such as nuts and bolts and it works by means of precise inductive heating. This inductive technology means that almost all types of metal can be heated whilst being highly targeted, with the surrounding area retaining its normal temperature. As the targeted part is heated, it swells and can be easily loosened. With no burner or flame involved, the iDuctor makes for a safer, cleaner working environment, whilst also reducing the time spent on the job, and it is being used across a vast array of applications.

During its use, the iDuctor will be subject to a lot of movements as the operator carries out a range of manoeuvres on the job and the last thing they need to worry about is whether the power cable will stay connected to the electrical outlet. This is where Scolmore’s IEC Lock comes into its own. The use of a power cord with lock in hand held induction heaters is patented by iDtools.

The IEC Lock C13 power cord was chosen by iDtools – the Dutch company responsible for designing and manufacturing the new tool – for its superior reliability and simplicity.

The locking mechanism of the IEC Lock is beautifully straightforward. The lead is simply connected to the appliance as any other IEC lead. Once it has been fitted, the mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet.

IEC Lock will fit any IEC standard conforming inlet and is available in a range of cable assemblies to suit a variety of European power outlets, as well as in a choice of colours to help simplify identification of different power sources.

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