Scruffs – working together with tradies for 20 years

Scruffs Celebrates 20 Years Working Side by Side with Tradespeople - PR Picture

Scruffs has been working side-by-side with tradespeople for 20 years and its reputation is hard earned.

Launched in 2003, Scruffs brought a game-changing ‘one price fits all’ buy and sell proposition to the market with the launch of Scruffs Safety Boots. The standout name and high-impact marketing drove huge brand awareness. In 2004, after a successful first year, the Scruffs team extended the range to include workwear and they’ve been hard at work since. Recent additions to the range include a hugely successful range of women’s workwear and the sustainably sourced eco range.

Today, Scruffs works with a 260-strong army of wear triallists, ensuring durability, comfort and performance is never compromised. Their hard work and commitment to workwear and tradies doesn’t go unnoticed, and Scruffs is proud to have been crowned On the Tools Workwear Brand of the Year in 2019 and 2022.

Scruffs is celebrating its 20th year on its website and social media – keep an eye out for exclusive giveaways and promotions throughout September.

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