Sedna partners with Cardiff University’s Formula Racing Team to highlight engineering talent

After last year’s success, Sedna has once again partnered with Cardiff University to support the local Cardiff Formula Racing Team and create new opportunities for the young engineers of the future.

The partnership highlights the engineering talent of lighting manufacturer Sedna lighting and talented engineers from Cardiff University’s school of engineering, Formula racing team. In a collaborative test of racing light in the dark, Sedna Lighting raced the CR12 series car around home test track at Llandow last December.

The car, fitted with 1500 individual LED’s from Sedna’s flexible LED strip range, was the joint effort of designers from two universities (Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University), film makers and engineers who translated the brief idea into a realistic design and created an inspirational video featuring the project; now available on the Sedna website.

As a local technology company, Sedna once again demonstrated that being creative, thinking outside the box and working with engineering talents are the core elements of the company’s philosophy. This time Formula 1 style driving was given an unexpected twist with driving taking place in the night and cars generating exterior lighting on their own. 

Speaking about the project, Nathan Edwards, technical sales manager at Sedna, said ‘At Sedna we really enjoyed working with Cardiff University Racing Team. Professional, creative and very passionate about their racing life – those qualities made us think of what could be our next project together. We wanted to help Cardiff Racing raise their profile, attract potential new sponsors as well as demonstrate our products in an unconventional way. What would evoke new sponsorship interest to the team and allow our name to stand out? The answer is quality, passion, creativity and professionalism. Between our two teams we are confident we achieved all aims set-out.’

Commenting about the new 2016 partnership plans, Prof Karen Holford, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Cardiff University, said:’We are all family here at Formula students team and companies and sponsors involved become part of that family’

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