SELECT launches new membership sub-category

SELECT has introduced a new sub-category of membership to reflect the growing demand for installation of electric vehicle (EV) charge points among its members.

Scotland’s largest construction trade association is rolling out the dedicated EV membership classification as an increasing number of electrical contractors carry out the work to help Scotland meet its net zero targets.

The association says the new classification will also help consumers find a suitably trained and competent electrician who is able to carry out the work safely and to the highest standards.

From 5 June 2023, three new sub-categories will be introduced specifically for SELECT members who undertake EV charge point installations:

  • EV charging equipment installations (domestic)
  • EV charging equipment installations (commercial)
  • EV charging equipment installations (large scale)

Director of Technical Services, Bob Cairney says, “We are aware of the changes to the demands that many SELECT members encounter from consumers for certain types of electrical installation work to be carried out.

“This includes the increased demand for the installation of EV charging equipment, which is being driven by climate change targets and the subsequent popularity in low and zero-emission vehicles.

“SELECT has therefore decided to expand its work categories to include this type of electrical installation work, with the introduction of new classifications and approvals recognising those members who are competent to undertake such work.

“We will also use this information to help potential customers find members with the necessary competence to undertake the specific work through the ‘Find a Member’ search facility on our website.”

The new sub-categories will be added to SELECT’s 10 existing technical categories, one or more of which members must be accredited in to be considered for membership:

  1. Low and extra-low voltage electrical installations up to 1kV – 1a, EV charging equipment installations (domestic); 1b, EV charging equipment installations (commercial); 1c, EV charging equipment installations (large scale).
  2. Low voltage electrical installations up to 1kV (defined approval)
  3. Fire detection and fire alarm systems in dwellings only
  4. Fire detection and fire alarm systems in buildings including dwellings
  5. Emergency lighting systems
  6. Manufacture and/or installation of control panels and control systems
  7. Hazardous areas
  8. Security systems
  9. Voice and data systems
  10. In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

The new categories will only be available for members currently classified in category 3.1: Low and Extra-low Voltage Electrical Installations up to 1kV, and will be subject to specific technical requirements and proof of suitable training.

Bob adds, “There is no doubt that the future is electric and that the way we live and work will increasingly rely on renewable technology powered by, and dependent on, electricity.

“Our members will play a key role in the design, installation and maintenance of such renewable systems so it is vital that we recognise their role and also provide peace of mind for the public, pointing them in the direction of skilled contractors who are suitably trained and qualified.”

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