SELECT offers help to members with subscription rates for 2021

SELECT, the campaigning body for the electrotechnical sector in Scotland, has chosen not to increase subscription rates for 2021, in a further move to help Members cope with the financial challenges caused by COVID-19.

Subscription rates for the next 12 months will stay the same as for 2020 for all Member businesses, and follows the three-month subscription refund issued by SELECT earlier this year.

John McGhee, Director of Resources and Association Secretary, says: “As a not-for-profit organisation, we are here to put our Members’ needs first, so once again, that’s exactly what we are doing.

“It was decided by Central Board and agreed at the AGM in September that there would be no increases to the subscription rates in 2021, and we are happy to roll this out to help Member firms of all sizes across Scotland.

“In addition, this year’s turnover declaration forms have been sent out and we encourage Members to advise us of any change or expected change in their turnover due to the COVID pandemic as we want to ensure that Members pay the correct amount of subscription.”

The move follows the decision earlier this year to issue a 30% discount on 2020 subscription fees, with a total of £329,405 refunded. Members who had already paid their subscription in full received the money back, with those paying by direct debit having only seven of the 10 instalments collected.

John adds: “Measures like this are unprecedented, but we continue to live in unprecedented times and we believe it’s right to offer as much financial assistance as possible to our Members.

“Keeping subscription fees the same for one year is another small step to helping contractors everywhere, and SELECT will continue to ensure that it does as much as possible to support its Members in a host of different ways.”

The new move is among a number of measures that SELECT has introduced to help Members through the pandemic, including online training, advice webinars and a dedicated COVID-19 hub. SELECT, Scotland’s largest construction trade association, is also playing a leading role in the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum.

SELECT Managing Director Alan Wilson comments: “This financial assistance is the latest in a host of measures we have taken to ensure our Members are fully supported. This support will continue long after the pandemic has subsided, as we continue to put the needs of our Members first.”


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