Siemens’ Building X expands fire safety

Siemens’ Building X expands fire safety

Siemens Smart Infrastructure is expanding its fire safety offering on Building X, a digital building platform supporting customers by digitalising, managing, and optimising their building operations, by introducing new applications and an application programming interface (API). The expansion aims to increase transparency, decrease response time in case of incidents, and enhance maintenance processes for service providers. It is part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform enabling customers to accelerate their digital transformation more easily and at scale.

The Building X Fire Apps include the web-based Fire Manager, in addition to the mobile-based Fire Connect. Customers can also feed live data from the connected fire safety system into their applications via the Fire API. All three offerings are part of a new licensing model, paving the way for enhanced customer flexibility by allowing choice of data and app bundles catering to their specific needs.

The Fire Apps and API are designed to digitalise the customer workflow for fire safety operation and maintenance, saving time and resources whilst improving safety and minimising disturbance caused by building users. Service providers can monitor all sites remotely and directly connect to the fire panel. The real-time status of product maintenance, incidents or alarms can be easily reviewed through the app’s dashboard, email, or mobile push notifications. This level of transparency allows planned maintenance activities to be carried out and documented efficiently. These enhanced solutions drive digital transformation and yield sustainability benefits. By offering maintenance options and a remote fire system status, it is possible to save CO2 emissions related to annual site visits.

“We are excited to enhance the Building X portfolio with Fire Apps and Fire API while ensuring compatibility and cross-functionality with other smart building applications on the platform. This not only allows for a seamless and holistic solution for smart buildings but also builds the basis for future cross-domain use cases. Additionally, it enables our service providers to offer optimised services to their customers while using available experts more efficiently. And ultimately, it pays off in terms of sustainability,” says Peter Nebiker, Vice President, and Head of Fire Safety at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

Fire Apps and Fire API are currently available in some countries globally and are being rolled out in many more.

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