Signify launches Philips Pacific LED gen5 waterproof luminaire

Signify has announced the launch of the latest generation of the Pacific LED gen5 waterproof luminaire, a solution designed for optimal performance in the most demanding environments such as industry and parking areas.

With potential stresses like humidity, extreme temperatures and chemical fumes, the Pacific LED gen5 is designed for optimal performance. Furthermore, with the option to integrate into the interact wireless connected lighting system, enabling light management solutions, the Pacific LED gen5 can provide even greater energy savings, enhance employee safety and productivity.

Meant to light up in tough conditions

Pacific LED gen5 is suitable for a wide range of (heavy) industrial applications. The luminaires have a robust and compact product architecture, with high water and dust protection (IP66), combined with a high degree of mechanical protection (IK08). Designed for use in industry and parking areas, the luminaire can manage potential stresses like humidity, high temperatures, and chemical fumes to ensure industrial operations can be carried out in a safe manner.

Industry: Due to its robust architecture, and compliance with industry regulations, Pacific LED gen5 is the ideal choice for several industrial application areas, such as warehouses and distribution centres, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, and chemicals and heavy industry. The luminaire is designed to withstand the worst that heavy industry can throw at it – from dust to oily vapours.

Private and public parking: Excellent visibility is key; good light helps people drive safely and gives them a feeling of safety and security. To avoid driver confusion and enhance safety, homogenous, high-quality lighting should be used to avoid lighting hotspots or striping. It should enable drivers to find a vacant space easily, park smoothly, and find the exit. But it should provide a bright space without creating disturbing effects or compromising operations or energy consumption. The Pacific gen5 meets this for under cover parking projects.

Designed for the circular economy

The Pacific LED gen5 is designed to meet the evolving needs beyond rated service life from start to finish – including service and repair, upgrades and replacements. The luminaire is designed around five principles of Signify’s Lighting for Circularity: recyclable, serviceable, energy-efficiency, connectable and upgradable, ensuring a long lifetime with high efficacy.

Energy efficiency

The Pacific LED portfolio is proven to be highly energy-efficient and offers luminaires with a long lifetime: up to 160lm/W and a lifetime up to 100,000 hours L80. With integration to the Interact Industry system, the luminaire opens up additional opportunities for optimised efficiency, energy saving, connectivity, productivity and safety. This, combined with hassle-free installation and maintenance, ensures you enjoy an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO).

Simon Greenwood, Sales Director, Trade and Specification, Signify UK&I, comments: “The Pacific LED gen5 is an innovative and best-in-class LED luminaire. We are excited to launch a lighting system that ticks all the right boxes and meets the demands and potential stresses like humidity, extreme temperatures and chemical fumes from industrial use and use in open spaces like under cover parking lots. In addition, the Pacific LED gen5 is also designed with a circular approach, which means these are fully serviceable luminaires and can be upgraded to extend their overall lifecycle – making the luminaire future proof in every aspect.

“To make the Pacific LED gen5 even more complete, the luminaire allows for integration with Interact, that opens additional opportunities for optimised efficiency, energy savings, improved light management, productivity, and safety – all while meeting the greenest of environmental targets.”

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