simPRO announces pay rise as part of ‘Do the Right Thing’ program

simPRO has announced the debut of its new ‘Do the Right Thing’ benefits program for employees in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

While some companies tighten their purse strings in an economic downturn, simPRO’s program introduces unique, innovative benefits designed for a new era of work – one that is global and distributed in nature. With this new program, simPRO is stepping forward as one of the first international technology companies to model a human-centred approach to leadership, and pledge this level of support to employees, creating a paradigm shift in the way companies think about their employees and the future of work.

The program’s headlining benefit is an inflationary pay increase of up to 10% for every employee that earns less than $120,000 (£69,000) per year to combat the impacts of inflation on simPRO’s employees.

“At simPRO, every decision we make is based on our philosophy of doing what we believe is right,” says Sean Diljore, simPRO CEO. “By investing in our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, we help them prioritise their personal lives so that they can be the best, healthiest version of themselves. When our employees are the best versions of themselves, the entire business thrives.”

In addition to the pay increase, simPRO is implementing Flex4 – a four-day, 32-hour work week with no change in pay for full-time employees as part of the ‘Do the Right Thing’ program. simPRO initially piloted Flex4 with global non-profit 4 Day Week Global and has since made Flex4 a permanent fixture for the entire company, worldwide. Also included in the program is a generous new parental leave policy for team members in every country: 24 weeks of 100% paid leave for a primary caregiver and eight weeks of paid parental leave for a secondary caregiver, which is more than the required time in all of the countries in which simPRO operates. simPRO will monitor the performance of the ‘Do the Right Thing’ program and plans to publish data on the impact of the program later this year.

In response to the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, simPRO also recently announced a $5,000 grant for any US employee who must travel more than 100 miles for any medical procedure, including abortion, for themselves or their immediate family. The grants will be managed by a third party to protect the employee’s privacy.

“We are in a new era of the employer/employee relationship – what matters to today’s workers cannot be addressed using traditional approaches. Employees need to feel that the employer is truly invested in them and in their careers,” says Rod Lacey, Chief People Officer. “At simPRO we choose to be curious and to truly listen to our employees. Responding quickly to our employees’ most pressing concerns is the foundation of our ‘Do the Right Thing’ program. We believe in doing what we can to support simPRO employees at all times, through rain or shine.”

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