SolarEdge begins shipment of battery cell line

SolarEdge tech

SolarEdge Technologies has announced that its energy storage division has begun shipping new battery cells designed for stationary energy storage applications.

The new line of Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) pouch cells, manufactured at Sella 2, the company’s new battery cell manufacturing facility in South Korea, has been optimised for energy storage applications for the residential, commercial and utility scale segments. The cells support high cycle life (up to 8000 cycles), high energy density, high power throughput and a wide temperature range without compromising operational life, enabling SolarEdge to provide battery solutions that support a broad range of use cases, including grid-stability applications.

Ronen Faier, SolarEdge Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of SolarEdge Energy Storage division comments, “The global stationary storage market is estimated to grow from approximately 45GWh in 2022 to 164GWh by 2030 and SolarEdge is focused on supporting this critical segment. Owning key processes and cell chemistries will allow us to further secure the resilience of our supply chain and provides us with the flexibility to produce cells optimised for various energy storage solutions.”

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