SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter brings power backup to homeowners

SolarEdge Technologies has announced the UK launch of the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter for single-phase systems. Part of the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, the inverter is ready to provide full home backup during grid interruptions, meeting UK homeowners’ growing demand for energy security and independence.

The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter is part of a new smart energy management ecosystem called ‘SolarEdge Home’ which seamlessly integrates PV generation, battery storage and smart energy devices such as EV chargers for maximum energy savings. Basing load and scheduling decisions on generation and energy use patterns and preferences, homeowners in the UK will now be able to control, schedule, and track their energy usage and savings, while taking external factors such as rising energy prices or grid interruptions into account. SolarEdge homes will be able to use their home electricity in the event of grid interruption – powering the full house or select energy loads. The Home Hub inverter can continue to generate solar PV energy during a power outage while using the backup capability.

Amit Larom, VP and Regional General Manager, Western Europe, SolarEdge Technologies, comments, “We’ve seen over 12 months of rocketing energy prices and concerns about the stability of energy supply to the UK. As a result, people are looking for greater control over the production and management of their home energy supply, both in the short-term and to safeguard them from future instability in the global and UK energy market.”

Unlike other inverter solutions – which typically provide partial home backup and require extensive rewiring within the home – the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter provides full backup capability and has built-in connection with SolarEdge Home Network for a simple installation and a quick commissioning process directly from a smartphone.

Customers in the UK will be able to pair the new SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter with a SolarEdge Home Battery 400V and SolarEdge Home Backup Interface to power more of their appliances for longer, on or off grid. The DC-coupled battery architecture eliminates the ‘triple-conversion penalty’, with two less power conversions required than AC-coupled alternatives for efficiency. To yield more energy and increase self-consumption, the Home Hub Inverter also enables up to 200% DC oversizing.

The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter is now available for order in sizes ranging from 3kW-6kW, with 8kW-10kW models expected to join the range later this year.

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