Spelsberg introduces new Greenline junction box

Spelsberg introduces new Greenline junction box

Spelsberg, a provider of electrical installation and enclosure technology, has introduced a new i 12- L GreenLine junction box, which is manufactured from at least 90% recycled plastic.

The i 12-L GreenLine offers the same functionality as its conventional counterpart, but with a body and lid that are primarily manufactured from post-consumer recyclate (PCR). This use of recycled materials doesn’t just reduce the amount of new plastic used in the production process, but also decreases the junction box’s carbon footprint. By using these recyclates, Spelsberg has reduced the amount of CO2 emissions associated with the junction box by 40%.

Importantly, a reduction in both new materials and carbon emissions doesn’t come with any reduction in performance, the company says. Both the conventional and GreenLine versions of the i 12-L share the same dimensions and are designed for indoor use. They also both meet the IP55 and IK07 standards for protection against contact and external elements, are fully VDE-certified, and feature self-sealing insertion membranes and external fixing lugs.

By using a standard, trusted design, Spelsberg has ensured that end-users can easily slot the GreenLine junction box into their existing workflow. Even the installation process remains identical to conventional junction boxes.

Chris Lloyd, Spelsberg UK Managing Director, comments, “At Spelsberg, we are dedicated to not only advancing technological innovation, but also ensuring that our products support sustainable practices. The i 12-L GreenLine junction box is a prime example of this commitment, demonstrating that environmental responsibility can operate hand-in-hand with superior performance.

“This product underscores our promise to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable solutions that meet today’s environmental challenges without compromising functionality. We are proud to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing and set new standards for the electrical industry.”

Spelsberg tells us that its commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the junction box itself. The company has also worked to ensure that the materials used to ship and secure the GreenLine series are environmentally friendly. The packaging uses at least 40% post-industrial recyclate, while the packaging labels are crafted from 95% sugar cane fibre and 5% hemp and linen – all renewable materials. The corrugated cardboard boxes used for shipping are produced without bleaching, which conserves energy and reduces resource consumption even further.

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