Spelsberg’s IBT range uses only recyclable plastic

The IBT range of housings and enclosures has been developed by Spelsberg to specifically benefit pre-cast concrete construction projects. Designed to retain their position under high-pressure concrete pouring and protect against ingress of concrete, the IBT products are ‘proven to speed up and simplify electrical installation’. As a further benefit, the entire range is manufactured using recyclable materials; so, any knock-outs or wastage needn’t go to landfill.

The IBT System enclosures are positioned to the formwork prior to the concrete being installed. A patented diaphragm seal protects against ingress of concrete with no further on-site sealing required. Once the concrete is set and the formwork removed, the face of the enclosure can be removed to provide easy access for a rapid first fix of electrics.

The system is tried and tested, having been specified in commercial, residential and government projects in the UK over the last decade. However, beyond the practical benefits of the system, Spelsberg has now confirmed that the system offers environment benefits as well.

Chris Lloyd explains: “Speaking to architects, engineers and contractors, it’s undeniable that there has been a big shift in the way the construction industry views its environmental responsibilities. Spelsberg is committed to supporting our customers in whichever way we can, which is why we’ve ensured that our IBT range is fully recyclable. In a project where thousands of enclosures are used, there will be a lot of knockouts and wastage created; the fact that this can be recycled will help the project meet its environmental targets.”

All enclosures from the IBT range are manufactured from polypropylene with a resin identification code of five – signifying that it is easily recycled. Any waste that is generated while using the products can be added to a general recycling bin and will be processed as standard.

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