SPIT and Demon Cato on a roll

SPIT is committed to solving the pain points of its customers and to enable contractors to function more efficiently. When used together, SPIT’s Pulsa system and the Demon RollaTray solutions are helping mechanical and electrical (M&E) contractors to reduce time spent on-site.

Rollatray is a cable management solution in place of traditional cable tray, cable basket and cable matting systems, designed for optimum speed across all installations. RollaTray minimises the requirement for on-site cutting and filing, reducing the need to acquire a hot works permit, which is sometimes required when using alternative metal channel systems. SPIT Pulsa is a direct fastening system, replacing drilling and traditional methods with rapid, modern and clean fixing into concrete and steel substrates. This reduces exposure to dust and provides a cleaner safer working environment.

By combining these two solutions, a contractor can gain significant increases to profitability to achieve productivity levels previously considered unattainable. What’s more, the system’s simple installation and flexibility makes it suitable for use across a wide range of projects. As a result, the solution is already turning heads and has been chosen on a number of high-profile jobs.

The natural synergy between both solutions was recently underlined during a renovation project in Central Edinburgh, led by main contractor, Morris & Spottiswood.

For Andy Russell, Operations Manager at Morris & Spottiswood, choosing the collaborative systems was an obvious choice. He comments: “There are excellent benefits in using this system and it really made a difference to the project. Combining both technologies allowed us to reduce levels of dust, excess noise and HAV, which are all important modern health and safety considerations. Furthermore the ease of transportation due to the system being so compact, was yet another great benefit”.

Speaking on the collaboration, Dave Fairfull, Director at Demon Cato says: “We were approached by SPIT after they noticed a post about RollaTray on social media. At an early stage, the company identified the benefits of using our solution in conjunction with their own Pulsa system. The results are staggering, with some leading contractors estimating the solutions can garner up to a 90% reduction in on-site time and labour costs. The project in Edinburgh really underlines that allowing the team to massively reduce its labour demands and meet tight deadlines. As we move into the new decade, it’s time for those in the trade to start assessing how they could be working smarter. To begin, I’d recommend looking into the technologies offered by ourselves and SPIT, especially the combination of RollaTray and the Pulsa system.”

Using the Pulsa system helps contractors to improve productivity, whilst also creating safer, cleaner and healthier environments for all on-site. When used in conjunction with Demon RollaTray, these benefits are further amplified. Current users of the collaborative system have already reported labour cost savings of up to 90%.

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