St Gemma’s Hospice choose Lightico

Gemma's hospice

CleanLight from Lightico has been chosen by St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds to protect their team as they offer end of life and palliative care for patients.

Cleanlight is a powerful LED panel proven to clean the air by destroying viruses and bacteria wherever it shines.

Approved by eminent microbiologist, Dr Carl Edwards, and extensively tested in laboratories, CleanLight has been proven to eliminate the problem of bacteria, pollutants and odours in the air across a number of different environments.

Lightico were invited into St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds to carry out their Clean Air Audit.

Mark Garrett, Managing Director Lightico explains: “Working with key strategic partner Edmundson Electrical, Lightico were introduced to St Gemma’s Hospice as part of their ongoing programme of estates improvements and innovation.

“Our Clean Air Audit is a precise, scientifically verified process that accurately measures airborne pathogens and shows where the potential for onward transmission of disease is greatest.

“Like many workplaces in the UK, healthcare settings are still subject to stringent working practices to address the potential spread of COVID-19.

“The challenge at St Gemma’s was the air quality in key workspaces where caregivers need to discuss sensitive and confidential care plans for patients.

“Through the installation of our CO2 monitors, levels of carbon dioxide are constantly monitored, and staff have been trained in what measures need to be taken if safe limits are exceeded.

“The challenge is that options to mitigate the poor air quality are limited. With only one office per ward, the spaces are constantly in use day and night. Without any mechanical air extract the only option is opening the door or window – resulting in increased heating costs and potential breaches in confidentiality.”

The Clean Air audit consisted of three sampling areas. Each was exposed to the air for 60 minutes. This gives Lightico a quantitative estimate of the air concentration of micro-organisms in the air.

From here a detailed analysis of the airborne threats are verified and tabulated with a solution presented.

Mark continues: “We replaced the existing light fittings with CleanLight LED panels, disruption was minimal with the entire installation taking less than a day to complete.”

Brett Felton of Edmundson Electrical adds: “Working with Lightico provides us with a new dimension to our lighting and ventilation offer. Their air quality audit provides our customers with a clear business case that demonstrates the return on investment they can achieve from installing CleanLight”

Richard Wilson, Estates manager, St Gemma’s Hospice adds: “Co2 monitoring was just the first step in developing a clean air strategy for our most valuable asset – our staff. It was only when we looked at CleanLight that we could see a viable solution that was practical and cost effective. We were confident in its capability to clean the air but, the results have exceeded our expectations.”

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