Stay comfortable, protect your feet and look great

When you are working hard in hot, dry weather, you want work shoes and boots that are lightweight and comfortable, yet tough enough to protect you. Carhartt’s Michigan safety boot and shoe range is crafted from lightweight materials and offers great protection, without sacrificing comfort or quality.

The Michigan Rugged Flex S1P Safety Shoe (F700911) has a leather upper with a fiberglass safety toe for protection and comfort in dry environments. This trainer-styled safety shoe is built for individuals looking for protection without the need for water-resistance and made with lighter materials that maintain quality. For those who want even more support while they work, the Midcut Safety Boot (F700909) offers a more traditional boot design while the Midcut Zip Safety Boot (F700919) has a convenient zip for easy removal.

All of the Michigan Safety Boots and Shoes are built with a fiberglass safety toe, uphold S1P standards and will protect your feet from 200J of weight and impact. Comfort is also enhanced with a fully cushioned footbed with shock absorption to reduce fatigue and a lightweight non-metal anti-penetration plate prevents sharp objects piercing the sole and causing injury to the foot.

The rubber outsole provides slip resistance, insulation, heat, and oil resistance. When you spend many hours of your workday standing, your feet will expand over time, therefore Carhartt has engineered the fit to allow space for your feet to remain comfortable even if this happens.

So don’t let the summer slow you down – embrace the warmer weather and conquer the site with style and comfort with Carhartt.

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