Stay Safe And Make The Switch With Contactless Lighting

BEG Lighting Controls is highlighting the importance of safer ‘contactless light switching’ to electrical contractors and their customers – and is also explaining how it can help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scientists have made it clear that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours, and light switches is one of the many ways the disease can be transmitted. However, as businesses look at introducing products to the market which can help slow the spread of the virus and avoid a ‘second wave’, manually touching light switches can easily be avoided by automatic motion or occupancy sensors.

BEG Lighting Controls has a range of wall-mounted sensors with different features. The German manufacturer’s products include the BEG Indoor 180-R motion detector with acoustic sensor and relay version, the BEG Indoor 180 KNX with integrated KNX BUS coupler and up to three additional switching channels, and the Indoor 180 2C with acoustic sensor and additional potential free contact for the added control of the HVAC.

This innovative product set means electrical contractors, specifiers and lighting designers are equipped to offer a safe and practical contactless light switching solution to end users. The BEG Indoor 180 range is ideal for businesses as well as for schools, colleges and universities and more.

Paul Jones, Sales Director for UK & Ireland at BEG Lighting Controls, says, “It’s a fact that if many different people have to use the same light switch, there is a health risk associated with it – but contactless light switching solves this issue.

“It was concluded very early on during the pandemic that COVID-19 is extremely contagious, so by converting light switches to contactless, this is a much more hygienic solution for businesses in order to keep staff and customers safe, and in an educational environment, for teachers and students.

“That is why at BEG Lighting Controls, we are doing all we can to raise awareness about contactless light switching to electrical contractors, and to our electrical wholesaler and distributor partners.

“Unlike standard light switches, BEG occupancy sensors activate the lighting as soon as movement is detected, so touching the product is not necessary at all. Likewise, the motion detectors are designed to switch the light on and off automatically by motion detection. There is also the added benefit for organisations during this difficult financial time that occupancy sensors and motion detectors have also been proven to result in making energy savings.”

Paul confirmed that BEG staff at its central warehouse continue to work in accordance with Government regulations, and all orders are still promptly being dispatched in the UK. He feels the health crisis will only strengthen relationships with its trusted partners.

He adds, “We have strived to be at the side of our partners in these troubled times. This crisis will further strengthen our partnerships and make us more determined to share the opportunities that we have working together.”

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