Stelrad enters electric radiator marketplace

Stelrad has launched a range of electric radiators – its Electric Series. It’s the first time the Stelrad brand has ventured into the electric marketplace, and says it brings with it the quality and brand values associated with its radiator products since it began manufacturing in 1936.

Stelrad is setting its sights on the electric market with a highly competitive range of both steel and aluminium electric radiators. The new Electric Series range will be available through merchants from September 2023.

The range will include a dozen or so different models with a number of sizes of each model available, with standard radiators for any room along with a selection of towel rails specifically targeted at bathrooms and en-suites.

Chris Harvey, Stelrad’s Head of Marketing for the UK and Ireland, says, “The new range offers a selection of radiators and towel rails with Stelrad’s unbeatable quality and design to suit every area in the home and to match or contrast with décor in every room. The selection includes radiators that are dry, dry stone and fluid-filled, offering a full choice of options within the technology. As you would expect, the new range offers a variety of energy saving and comfort enhancing features with fitted and Wi-Fi enabled controls. Some of the new radiators will be ‘three-in-one’ options, featuring a fan heater at the base of the radiator and manual controls that allow you to use the towel rail and the fan heater individually or together if you wish. Colours will be white for all radiators with the option of anthracite grey and chrome for some of the models.

“Amongst the features you’ll find on these new radiators you will discover the ‘open window’ function that enables the appliance to automatically detect when a window is opened near the towel warmer and to switch to ‘anti-freeze’ mode to prevent unnecessary heating and to avoid wasting energy. Similarly, it can detect when the window is closed and restore the operating conditions set previously. The appliance comes on automatically at ambient temperatures below 7°. And when the ‘child safety’ function is activated, the surface of the appliance is cooler than in normal operation in the currently active mode to avoid the risk of burns caused by brief accidental contact. These are just a few of the features – these are intelligent radiators that are designed to provide heating in the most flexible and energy effective – and as a result – cost effective way.”

Chris continues, “We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for all things radiators and the arrival of the electric series builds on that claim still further. Full details of the new range will be unveiled in the next couple of months and be available to order from September.”

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