Study uncovers security threat in the UK for electrician’s fleets

A study by fleet management company Vimcar found that 1 in 3 employers in the electrical services sector has had a vehicle stolen, at one time.

Shocking though this might be, it seems to be in line with other research done on business vehicle theft in general: according to Logistics UK more than a third of all UK companies are affected by car theft every year.

Another issue brought up in Vimcar’s study was the issue of vehicle misuse. Whilst 75% of all business owners in the electrical service industry restrict fleet usage (32% of employers only allow their fleet vehicles to be used for business purposes, for example) 62% would like to be alerted when a vehicle is being used outside those restrictions.

This suggests that vehicle misuse is commonplace within the industry.

The answer? 67% would buy, or have already bought, a telematics tracking system to protect their fleet against vehicle theft and misuse.

Take a look at the findings below:

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