SuperIR technology to improve clarity in thermal imaging

SuperIR technology to improve clarity in thermal imaging

HIKMICRO, an expert in temperature measurement and detection, has launched its SuperIR technology which offers enhancements in thermal imaging.

The company says that its SuperIR technology features cutting-edge advancements that can transform the way professionals in the electrical, plumbing and heating industries perform diagnostics and maintenance.

Built on the backbone of advanced neural network algorithms, SuperIR increases the resolution of an image by a factor of four times or more in real-time, while preserving the clarity and detail of thermal images. Unlike traditional multi-frame enhancements, SuperIR operates on a single-frame basis, significantly reducing noise and enhancing edge definition without requiring multiple exposures or additional processing time.

The technology is available on HIKMICRO’s ECO Series and Pocket2 products which are popular with electricians, heating and plumbing installers, as well as with HVAC engineers. The SuperIR image enhancement technology upscales thermal images when viewing live with 25 Hz fast image frequency and image capturing on these products. Using SuperIR, a 96 × 96 (9,216 pixels) Eco Series thermal camera can be turned into an ultra-sharp thermal camera with up to 240 x 240 (57,600 pixels) resolution. Likewise, a 256 x 192 Pocket2 image can be converted to 640 x 480 pixels via SuperIR algorithm.

The SuperIR technology eliminates the need for the camera to capture multiple frames to enhance image resolution. This is particularly beneficial in situations where stability is a challenge, such as inspections of overhead power lines or detailed electrical components, where even minimal movement can lead to focus issues. With SuperIR, images are enhanced on-camera, in real-time, with no problems caused by hand movements.

By upgrading the pixel count significantly without compromising the thermal camera’s portability and ease of use, SuperIR allows for finer details and sharper images. This makes it ideal for detecting minute temperature variations that could indicate potential faults or failures in electrical and plumbing systems.

SuperIR integrates noise reduction and edge smoothing algorithms directly within the camera. This not only improves the quality of thermal images but also makes the interpretation of data more accurate and reliable – which is crucial for precision-dependent tasks in the trades. Customers also benefit from ongoing firmware upgrades that enhance image clarity and algorithm performance, ensuring their thermal imaging capabilities evolve with their needs without the requirement for new hardware investments.

HIKMICRO says that its SuperIR technology is particularly beneficial for UK tradespeople, including electricians and HVAC professionals. The superior image quality and detail provided by SuperIR make it invaluable in a variety of applications including:

Electrical Inspections: Quickly identify hotspots in circuit breakers and other electrical installations without the risk of downtime or hazards.

Heating, Plumbing and HVAC Analysis: Efficiently diagnose issues within heating systems, detect leaks and blockages in pipes, or assess insulation quality in buildings.

Preventative Maintenance: Conduct thorough assessments of critical components in commercial and residential buildings to prevent costly repairs and replacements.

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