Mental Health Month: Support from the EIC

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This Mental Health Month, the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is focusing on the impact addiction has on people’s lives, work, and relationships. The most common addictions in the UK are tobacco followed by alcohol. Addiction is a mental illness and can be a contributory factor in the development of other mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. It’s a common problem, but help is available.

Brian had felt a profound sense of loss since his fiancé had died many years ago. As a result, his solution for dealing with emotional pain had been to consume alcohol. He went on to get married and have a child, but after years of animosity and arguing, he and his wife finally separated. The EIC supported him in getting his own place to live, but when he did, his use of alcohol spiralled out of control.

Brian started drinking every day and this went on for months before he settled into a binge-drinking pattern. He could go for months without a drink, but whenever anything major happened in his life, he returned to drinking heavily. One binge session lasted eight weeks. He started to feel suicidal and would hide in a cupboard under the stairs if he heard anyone approach his front door.

Eventually, Brian decided enough was enough. He had lost three and a half stone and he desperately wanted to be there for his seven-year-old autistic son. After discussions with the EIC, he went into a community detox programme and returned to work. His wife was dropping off his son one night when Brian saw someone else in the car with them. This was enough to make him lose control again and resulted in him not being able to see his son for a month. Feeling isolated with no family and few friends left, he started drinking heavily again.

When he spoke to the EIC late one Saturday night, Brian had reached his lowest point. He didn’t think he could make it through another day. We booked him straight into rehab. We organised the medical treatment he needed to cope with the effects of alcohol withdrawal and to prevent him from having any seizures. After a month in rehab, we helped Brian to find a new flat, paying the deposit and two months’ rent. He is now going to regular AA meetings and living his life without alcohol.

Brian is grateful to the EIC for helping him get his life back on track and giving his son his father back. He now has a full and proper relationship with his son, enjoying go karting, swimming and the cinema. He says he wouldn’t be here today were it not for the help provided by the EIC.

The help Brian was able to access is due to the support of the EIC and the powerLottery. It means he got the treatment and support he needed to address his addiction and get his life on the right track, and relationship with his son back. Without powerLottery, the EIC would not be able to offer support to people like Brian. That’s why we need you to become a powerLottery player to help EIC to continue supporting our industry members.

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