Survey reveals over one third of homes have a significant risk of polluted indoor air

According to a recent survey by trade association BEAMA over one third of UK homes are at an elevated or severe risk of having polluted indoor air. The My Health My Home survey ( revealed that 35 per cent of those surveyed potentially had this risk in varying levels of severity. 

One of the revelations in this new report is that, as new and refurbished homes become ever more air tight to meet the Government’s carbon emission targets for 2050, the number of people suffering with asthma could almost double by then. It also states that current building regulations could increase indoor pollutant levels equivalent to the upper end of (and in some cases well above) World Health Organisation recommended limits. 

The report examines how increasing levels of energy efficiency will impact on pollution levels and health if there is no additional intervention, over and above existing requirements. Key projections for 2050 include: an 80 per cent increase in asthma sufferers from current levels; Total volatile organic compound concentrations up to 60 per cent above World Health Organisation (WHO) 24 hour limits; and NO2 concentrations up to 30 per cent above WHO annual limits. 

‘At Vent-Axia we welcome this new research which confirms there is no doubt that poor indoor air quality has an adverse impact on health. It is important that the public is aware of the dangers of poorly ventilated homes,’ says Jenny Smith, marketing manager at Vent-Axia. With many people spending the majority of their time indoors, improvements in indoor air quality must be seen as a priority. Continuous ventilation is a simple solution to air quality problems.’

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