Taking the effort out of cutting cables: Meet the KNIPEX StepCut

Knipex cutting cables

KNIPEX StepCut Cable Shears take the effort out of cutting cables and wires, or strands can be cut one after the other with its stepped blades, reducing the effort required by up to 40%.

The StepCut makes it easier to cut single and multi-conductor cables made of copper and aluminium, up to a diameter of 15mm (50 mm²). Solid NYM cables can be cut easily and precisely up to a maximum of 5 x 4 mm².

The stepped blades, with a milled serrated edge on the front and a flat edge on the back, have been additionally induction-hardened. The innovative step cutting allows for a clean cut without the cables being crushed in the cutting process.

The KNIPEX StepCut is only 160mm long and therefore weighs relatively little. In addition, the ergonomic design of the handles enables an optimum cutting feel even with larger diameters. A pinch guard also prevents injuries; the bolted joint makes the cable shears precise and smooth-running.

The StepCut is available in three versions: with a plastic coating, multicomponent handles and VDE-tested multicomponent handles.

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