Tamlite supporting ‘Building in Quality Tracker’ initiative

Lighting manufacturer, Tamlite Lighting, is supporting a new initiative which aims to put an end to ‘spec breaking’ on construction projects.

Tamlite believes that the Building in Quality Tracker (BIQ) initiative – which is led by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), in association with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – is vitally important for the reputation of the UK built environment industry. The lighting manufacturer says this initiative will go some way to rebuilding confidence, particularly from a consumer safety perspective.

The BIQ tracker is a free to download digital tool which aims to improve the quality of outcomes in the construction industry. It sets up a chain of custody, allowing project teams to track quality on construction projects. Using the tracker, contractors are able to review and record the level of quality considered appropriate for a particular project, and then provide the means to deliver better quality outcomes. It allows clients to demonstrate their commitment to quality and differentiate themselves in the market.

It is hoped that the wider adoption of the Quality Tracker will incentivise better quality in buildings, leading to improved human health, safety and wellbeing, whilst boosting the construction industry’s reputation.

Commenting on the Building in Quality Tracker (BIQ) initiative, Tamlite Lighting’s Managing Director, John Allden, says, “In our view, the nature of lighting makes it far too vulnerable to spec-breaking. In the long-term, this ‘value-engineering’ or cost-cutting approach can present all kinds of issues.

“Put simply, quality must never be compromised at any point in the supply chain. There is no doubt that in the age of LED, the landscape of our industry has altered irrevocably since high-profile tragedies such as at Grenfell Tower. As a leading lighting manufacturer, we must take the lead. We will do this by working hard to communicate a clear case for quality. We will help our customers to understand why our recommended offering may come at a higher price than cheap alternatives, and we will always help end users see the added value in our products and solutions.”

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