The Building Centre secures European funding for stunning new animation of No1 Lower Carbon Drive

The Building Centre secures European funding for stunning new animation of No1 Lower Carbon Drive

The Building Centre’s No 1 Lower Carbon Drive project has received backing from Eco Advantage, a European Social Fund ITM project, to enable the first phase of a detailed animation showing energy saving technology in use in the home.

No 1 Lower Carbon Drive aims to increase awareness of the UK’s urgent need to retro-fit our existing housing stock; it provides practical illustrations of the actions that can be taken to make homes more sustainable, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint across the nation.

The initiative was originally set up in 2007 to help professionals and the public review the way we use energy in UK homes and their surroundings. A full scale model of a Victorian terrace was erected on Trafalgar Square showing how retro-fitting measures can save both energy and money. A smaller scale model has been kept on permanent exhibition at The Building Centre since 2009.

Funding was secured in 2012 to turn this project into a broadcast ready HD animation. Working with BAFTA nominated animators, the project brings the latest energy saving technology to life. Viewers are now able to visually cut through the home to see new products in operation, watch the measurable benefits flow throughout the building and compare the before and after effects of installing energy saving measures into the home. Celotex, Mitsubishi Electric and Selectaglaze have backed the scheme by becoming the first to showcase their products in this visionary project.

Phase one will be launched on The Building Centre Stand S1517 at Ecobuild 20th-22nd March 2012, with a prominent exhibition following at The Building Centre’s Store street address in London’s West End.

Andrew Scoones, director at The Building Centre said, ‘This is an exciting step for the Lower Carbon Drive project. The original idea, to show how retro-fitting measures can lower carbon emissions in the home, has really captured people’s imagination and developed into numerous forms, from a miniature dolls house to a full scale model on Trafalgar Square.

‘The latest animated form elegantly guides you through the home, showing working energy efficient products in motion throughout various times of the day and in different seasons. It’s an engaging project with a serious message which will inspire and educate specifiers from across the built environment, local authorities, trades and also homeowners looking for the latest energy and money saving products.’

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