The future’s bright for Voltis powered Redbridge Council

The future’s bright for Voltis powered Redbridge Council

Staff at Redbridge Council have a brighter future thanks to the installation of a voltage optimisation system that has not only reduced its running costs and carbon footprint but also cut the number of office lights fusing on a regular basis.

The Voltis voltage optimiser from Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management has been installed in four locations across the council as part of a programme of energy efficiency measures implemented by the authority. Post installation the voltage of each location dropped by up to 25V.

This reduction had an instant and positive effect on lighting, as council group manager (environment) John Mitchinson explained, ‘We had a problem with 10 to 15 lamps blowing a day, which has ceased. They are no longer stressed by high voltage and a surge in current when switched on. Poor lighting affects productivity of staff and Voltis has delivered an immediate improvement for us. Reducing the voltage has also had an impact on other electrical equipment downstream of the meters.

‘As a public body we have to lead the way in terms of our own use of energy in order to encourage others to do the same. If we can reduce rising costs through energy efficiency measures we are able to spend the money on other important services.’

Nine Voltis units ranging from 100A to 400A were specified for the project. The Town Hall’s administration centre and a separate data centre were just two of the locations selected to benefit most from Voltis. Installation was carried out at times identified to create least inconvenience for the council, including weekends. A detailed site survey carried out by MTEM specialists identified the most suitable/secure locations for the units.

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