HPAT600KIT1: Martindale’s solution to PAT testing

PAT Testing

Whether you’re working in a commercial or residential setting, Martindale Electric says that it’s HPAT600KIT1 advanced Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) kit provides a complete and cost-effective solution for all your PAT testing needs. The kit is easily transported and self-contained in a professional carry case, and has been put together with a number of additional tools to offer value for money and provide users with what they need for safe and accurate testing.

Included in the kit is the Martindale HandyPAT600, designed to perform safety checks in accordance with the IET Code of Practice. The tester includes both automatic one-button testing, plus single-test selection for diagnostics. The HandyPAT600 features a run test for checking the integrity of the fuse, and that the appliance is switched on prior to testing. The pass levels can be easily adjusted for testing appliances with long power cords or long extension leads. In addition, it has memory for storing the test results of up to 200 appliances for on-screen recall later. The compact design, with a bright backlit display, provides the ability to test in all locations, particularly under a desk or behind a monitor, where lighting may be restricted.

For a complete PAT solution, the kit includes a test register book – a convenient method of recording test results, 500 pass labels and 100 fail labels – to ensure that tested appliances are clearly marked, 230V extension lead adaptor, earth bond probe and crocodile clip, while the mains and in-car chargers provide you with all the power you need to carry out your testing on the go.

The kit includes the industry-standard CP501 mains socket tester for additional general electrical testing and the NC2 non-contact voltage indicator for detecting live voltages.

Versatile, reliable and designed to meet all your PAT testing requirements, the HPAT600KIT1 offers great value, makes it easy to choose what you need, and provides a complete solution for PAT testing wherever you are working.

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