NEXT EV charger launched

The new Webasto NEXT charging station features the renowned Webasto award-winning sleek design as well as a state-of-the-art management system that allows digital connectivity and control.

“The NEXT literally takes EV charging to the next level,” comments James Cowan, Webasto European Head of Sales for Electric Vehicle Charging and E-Mobility Services.  “This new charging station can be used for all types of new build and retrofit projects and will provide enhanced management for commercial or shared units.”

Equipped with the European standard Type 2 plug, the NEXT has a charging capacity of up 22kW and, similar to the entire Webasto range of chargers, is available with a cable length of 4.5m or 7m. Differing amp levels can be set during installation to better match the charging current to the existing infrastructure available. In addition, the NEXT has an integrated DC residual current protection, negating the need for a separate RCD type B circuit breaker. It also provides authentication using a ‘Scan & Charge’ system which is easily accessed via scanning a QR code.

James continues: “The functionality of the NEXT is enhanced by Charge Connect which is a data management system developed by our team of experts. It gives control to the charging unit users, accessed via an app, they can look at energy consumption and charging history from anywhere and at anytime. It also allows for charging station updates to be carried out online, which saves both time and costs and creates an EV charger not just for now but for the future.”

For installers, the NEXT boasts an intuitive set up process and is enhanced with the Webasto Charger Setup App, which can eliminate errors from the start.

“Webasto is synonymous with high-quality forward thinking products. The NEXT is one such product that is designed to support a range of charging needs from individual to multiple units and, with a future proofed management system, the NEXT is a charger that will stand the test of time,” concludes James.

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