The Trimble Challenge

Attendees will be challenged to lay out a site in the fastest time and with the greatest accuracy and then be invited to complete the same layout using the Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS) or Rapid Positioning Tool (RPT).

As well as entertaining delegates, the purpose of the Trimble Challenge is to provide a practical demonstration of the benefits of the Trimble Field Solutions for MEP contractors. The Trimble Robotic Total Station takes layout points generated in a 2D drawing or 3D building model and guides you to the precise location (to within millimetres) of the attachment points for pipework, ductwork, cable trays, etc. in the field.  The contractor then simply has to mark the required points for the installation team.

The Trimble Challenge is open to all parties who are looking for ways to reduce errors and improve the efficiency of the layout phase of a project.

When & Where?

Join us on 15th April 2015 at The Brewery in London for this unique event.

For further information and to reserve a place:

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